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Printing, Packaging & Drop Ship Services

Printing & Artwork sourcing

We offer quality printing services with a fast turnaround for inclusion in your frame order. We have access to a huge data base of artwork which we can purchase at reduce rates due to volume buying.

In -house print insertion.

By utilising this service, the insertion of your prints during the manufacture process has many benefits:

Time saving; the frames are not shipped on for the printing to be added at a later stage which involves the frame being unwrapped, the back removed, the image inserted and the frame reconstructed.

Cost Saving; shipping the frames to another location for the image to be added and the labour cost in adding the image can be avoided if done during the manufacture process.

A better looking finished product; inserting the image during manufacture means the tabs that hold the back on will not need to be reopened. The tabs are added during the manufacturing process using a compressed airgun which means the back is secured tightly, reopening allows dust and moisture particles to enter and can make a difference to the picture quality. Using the in-house print insertion process allows us to tape the back, giving the frame a clean finished look hiding the edges and tabs.

Drop shipping

We ship thousands of single orders a week as well as producing products in mail order packaging for our commercial customers.

Our packaging is certified as mail order ready, meets environmental accreditation and is verified as easy to open.

We offer lots of options on shipping directly to the end user saving you time and money.

Please contact us on 01245 477000 for a quote tailored to you.