Light Photo Frames and Mirrors

Our light frames are perfect for a variety of different uses.

Paired with a backing board and glass, our light frames can house your art work and illuminate them without the need for a picture frame light.

This makes them ideal for photographers and artists who want to display their work in a modern and exciting way.

Light  Mirrors

With our mirror light frames, these provide a stylish and professional way to look at your appearance. Ideal for hairdressers, makeup artists or even professionals who want a centrepiece in their interior.

All our light frames are installed with a diffuser so that the light is evenly distributed. You can choose how the frame is powered from battery pack, plug or it can be wired into the mains.

Virtually Any Size and Style

By manufacturing 99% of our products in-house, we are able to make your light up frame or mirror in virtually any size and style.

Pick your moulding and the size you require and we will make it for you.

If you are looking for light photo frames and mirrors then do not hesitate to give us a call on 01245 477000 – we can give you a quote tailored to you and your business.
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